The issue of disability is a difficult one, rarely talked about. One would rather avoid it. It goes beyond the realm of daily conversation and communication. Awareness of the problems in society that affect disabled people is insufficient. The exception is when you have problems yourself or when your loved one is going through a tough time. It is then that we became concerned about where to look for help, how to deal with the adversities, and where to get information.

Specialists in fields related to the issue of disability: therapists, rehabilitators, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, neurologists, sociologists, neurosurgeons, manufacturers of rehabilitation equipment, once they start working with designers, they can greatly contribute to the social awareness and the daily difficulties of people with disabilities.

Man – human dimension, empathy, recipient.
Robot – is a creation created by man for man.
Grey – avoiding problems, weakness and a subject that is overlooked.
The moon – is a sphere of dreams, hope


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