I will tell you about how we become products, thus repaying the loan taken out to own the thing of our dreams.

You enter the shop through a gate that was designed to collect statistics. What time you visited, how long you spent and whether you left empty-handed or generously filled your shopping bags, with which all the way home you will be advertising for free the products you have already paid for.

The same thing goes for friendships: As long as I benefit from this friendship, it lasts. 

Our bodies have more senses than we are taught in schools – I will put it more bluntly: more than we have been pigeonholed into thinking about our bodies, dissecting it by teaching us that the heart pumps blood and that a high body temperature is dangerous and needs to be brought down quickly. 

If you want to have one, there’s a whole range of products available in the world that you just have to pay for. 

If you want to be, then slow down the pace of your life to the point at which you notice the leaf from that maple tree falling in a majestic dance, and only then take your first conscious step on the cool earth – with your bare feet.