Sooner or later there comes a time of doubt. Everyone has a bad day, no matter who I spend more time with. There are people who don’t hide their weaknesses openly, and there are those who escape from these emotions by looking for activities or people that they can cheer themselves up with.

And one such activity that can be mentioned is shopping. And a consequence of this is the feeling that the only problem is that one needs to have more and more cash.

Sweets, oh yes. Manufacturers know that there is no better junk food in the world than sugar to win over any heart. A cookie, a cheesecake, a praline, a doughnut. Ahh, who wouldn’t make themselves feel better that way?

And at this point, instead of listing more substitutes for happiness, I would like to tell you about what I discovered in my extremes. In those moments when my sinusoid: peak and bottom – reached the effect of a broken perspective.

There is one and only thing in the world that brings you happiness and despair. It is your body. Let it move! Give it nutritious food, give it nature surrounding it with cold dew and warm sunshine. However, rid your body of temporary pleasures that are substitutes. Your body will subtly thank you every day for letting it be and fulfilling your wishes. Sounds abstract? Then do a test to prove it. Stay in solitude and see what happens. For a day, a week. Just see for yourself instead of taking my word for it.

What gives you happiness? – Sport, physical exercise, listening to your body that subtly gives you clues.