Grzegorz Bień

At present the design is the most ideal form of art from my subjective point of view. Why? The author transmits the content to its recipients via his or her design.
A producer or a company invest in projects and the recipients spend their means to purchase the product.

For 20 years I have been observing and searching for techniques and forms of communication so that the work of my own hands would be original.

I has felt the greatest satisfaction when the intention which had motivated me to create proved to have value in the eyes of the recipient.

In some cases it was a way of proving to myself that I actually can, sometimes proving the client that the work I perform is valuable. From the perspective of time and distance as regards the emotions then accompanying me I see that the projects that I realized serve as a testimony of my intentions.

My intention is to share the experiences and values which I follow in the field of Design with you but without limiting myself to them.

I wish all the best
Grzegorz Bien