When I come across the topic of prototyping in reference to the possibilities of 3D printing in some cases I get the impression that its capabilities are overestimated and establish obstacles for further exploration.

Prototyping is designed to verify doubts concerning the product that has been designed to the greatest extend possible. By verifying its strength in conditions representing real conditions or in the real space it was intended for. Moreover, it allows you to verify its operations, what size it is, whether it meets one’s expectations.

It refutes the too-often-applied saying connected to designers “You can write anything you like on paper”.

In addition to the physical features, the prototype verifies the unit cost of the product, its emotional expression introduced by the designer deliberately during the design process.
The prototype can be improved. Improving 10,000 products is not as simple.

And finally the coolest and most pleasant aspect of the prototype includes the poetry of its performance ♥️.

three, two, one… start ©Grzegorz Bien
for adidas Store ©Grzegorz Bien


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