Medicine, robotics, aviation, automotive, sport, public transport, home furnishing, hotel industry, restaurants, banks, offices, spas – all of these are just a substitute for the market where design is an indicator of competitiveness.

Having no idea about design is like having no idea what ingredients go into the bread.
If you want to have unobstructed intestines, you make bread with rye sourdough. If you want to be competitive on the market, it’s the design that makes your money flow.

And why is that?

Well, we no longer live in times where you could just import a product from America and trade it on the market. The days when faking a well-selling product and fabricating it on your own machines was enough are long gone. Now is the time to compete in design. Industrial design.

The best people know this reality, making a several hundred percent margin on the product. Since the shoe, which may cost 20 EUR to produce, is then sold like hot cakes for 220 EUR, this means that design works.

And it’s not just about products for the rich. Design opens new doors to experience between the user and the product. It optimizes costs, builds a strong brand, generates profits…


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