The title is the essence of the intention I want to share with you.

Adults remember very little of their childhood, especially the early years of life. My first childhood memory is from nursery school (around the age of 2, and it is rather one of those less pleasant memories). But it is from the moment of birth that we have the chance to get to know the land under our feet from the closest perspective, and in an ambiguous way. This is because, firstly, we are small in size, we weigh little and our mistakes are more forgiving – so we can make them proportionally more often than we do in adulthood. Secondly, our steps are small, subtle, modest and without great expectations of “learning the whole world at once”.

What I want to focus on are the minor lessons that accompany us from birth. But in order for you to better understand I will also address the factor of parents, so that you can take your mind off the thought of “depending” on them.

I will start with our big steps from a baby’s perspective, and though seemingly tiny from the perspective of the universe.

This is the first time our mother breastfed us and no one had taught us to eat before. And we are thrown in at the deep end having the tit at our mouth, but it is up to us whether we eat the milk when we are hungry. Did anyone then explain to us how to do it? Did anyone show it to us? Was anyone able to communicate with us in the language of a newborn and give us instructions on how to satisfy our hunger? I sometimes use the phrase intuition (although I prefer awareness). Somehow, we know how to do it despite the lack of logic. We already have knowledge.

Crawling. After all, mummy or daddy don’t lie on the floor and give instructions on how to move your bottom back on your knees and push off with your hands so that your tummy finally rises from its crawling position. Do they?

First steps. I already hope that you will gradually understand through logic that this logic doesn’t serve us at all, and often gives rise to doubts. Because the child “feels,” “wants,” “intuitively develops”. The child first gets to know the cot, then the room, the house, then the yard, moves away from the parents. It is a dynamic development, despite small steps every day.

I am writing about birth to inspire you with small steps. To change ambitions, great plans, strategy, expectations, dependencies into spontaneity. Let logic defend you, and your intuition and hunger for development guide you. When an object or a person grabs your attention, use your logical shield – why did it interest me? Then you will have the key to your or not your life paths.

And finally. What you fear is what is waiting for you to face it. Children have no fear. At first their world is the size of a mother’s belly and within a few years they are already in meadows, fields and big cities. From that perspective, the universe can seem narrow.

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