We want to come up to the standards so badly, or worse, to be better than the standards.

Today’s world doesn’t lack aggressors. These are the ones who invest all their energy in showing off. When they have fortunes, it must be apparent from their possessions – Cars, houses, watches, designer clothes. These are attention catchers and they do it on purpose. A designer knows well how to come up with such products, after all, they educate themselves on how to attract the attention of the masses. People who use flashy products to show off can prompt fake dreams. “I wish I had that lamborghini”, “I wish I had such big breasts”, “I wish I had such a luxury home”, “If I had that cabriolete, I would have such a star by my side”.

The key is to find your own path or already follow it in peace and quiet. When you meditate, do it all on your own. When you plan, go to the forest or to the river. When you set your own path in such places, none of the aggressively showing off people will give you the false impression of how happy he is. Because happiness is within us, and a big dog does not bark.

Remember that the sine wave which will accompany you during the realisation of your dreams is the most natural of all processes, which isn’t much talked about, and if it happens, you will surprisingly end up in a psychiatrist. Failures and successes. Feeling good and negative attitude. I feel like and I don’t feel like. I believe I’ll work things out and nothing ever works out for me. Accept all these as natural processes and remember that the whole earth works this way. Day and night. North and South. Summer and Winter. Sunny days and rainy days. Birth and Death. Cold and heat. Fire and water. Woman and man. When you accept your inner and situational contrasts in everyday life as helpful in your path to get you where you want to go – you will reach your paradise.