It’s 2006 and I am in Warsaw. I sat down to watch Billy Elliot, a film about a boy who is passionate about ballet. And because of the social tendency to categorize people, his passion for ballet is not an easy path to take. How come a boy does ballet? For Billy, the power of passion is so strong that he reaches the top in this discipline.

It’s 2017. I wanted to create a design for a table. I was looking for a mass that could be interesting, producible and tough. It gave me sleepless nights. As I went from one sketch to the other, I was losing my enthusiasm. Ballet! – that’s it. That passing thought I began to follow, going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole – starting with looking through pictures, videos, figures that could be classified as ballet. Delving into the subject was endless. There was no end to it, because the table weighs 100 kg, and its function makes it a huge mass that should be able to lift the large flat tabletop, but at the same time maintain its stability. Working on this project was like trying to combine water and fire, how to do it so that the water doesn’t evaporate and the fire doesn’t dim.

And that is how Ballerina was created.
Subtly floating above the ground.
Showing its most beautiful side.