Inspiration – is beautiful

“Think for a second about a footbridge you could place over a river”.

The mere fact that the footbridge is something to be invented constitutes the question of how it should look – how it could operate, what assembly system could be used, what material should be applied, what load capacity it could have, how original it would be.

You can get inspired everywhere while browsing portals like pinterest, google photos, behance, facebook, youtube, murator. You can walk along the river, follow the path and look at the construction of the bridges. You can observe the nature as a tree branch undercut by beavers connects river banks.

Inspiration is something as volatile as air. Some creators experience visions while sleeping. Others get inspired while lying at the meadow and observing the clouds. I know people who have visions while interacting with an interlocutor, colleague, friend, acquaintance, family member.

The entire palette of inspiration colours can mean chaos for a new project.

Chaos, on the other hand, is the most beautiful phenomenon, all sums and colours of the aforementioned inspiration combined with intention can serve as great fuel of creativity.

I encourage you to cooperate with designers who create designs. Extremely inspiring experience.



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