The a la “karim Rashid” image of the designer is created in the environment of the designers – white clothes, painted nails. It is unthinkable in my work concerning production and prototyping. I did happen that I went to meetings with the companies’ CEOs with a hole in my pants and in some cases with dirty hands. Why? – because designing is not the same as drawing. It’s like heaven and earth, like studios and professionalism, like a roll and a bakery. Like concept and business. Seemingly the same but it represents different seriousness of the situation.

From my perspective designing has its quintessence in performance. As I have the option to make a product or even a prototype, it is beauty greater than the most awesome clothes manufactured by the best brands. It is like a diamond and I roll up my sleeves to pull it out of the river and then polish it with flex, naturally. That way no other.

Maybe what I write it’s nonsense or maybe the sea is deep and wide, and life is a mystery. White is reserved for the bedding and the steel is black and it makes your hands bloody dirty, sometimes cuts the body until you bleed. And that is the point. Without crying and whining.

If you want to become a designer – start working on production or at a scrap yard. You will learn whether it is what you want to do.

To be clear – when I visit a new company to conduct an audit, believe me, I’m not interested in the CEO’s office – I’m interested in his or her passion for production, how he or she speaks to the employees. When sparks of steel are splashing, like in good porn movies and he or she knows all this as his or her own pocket. The sweat, stench and dirt mean real production – there is room for design. That is a place for big boys. dot.


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