Some people are not able to read printed maps and can not figure out how to get from point A to point B, because most of peapole totally relay on digital navigation. Once I was led out directly to the field – literally, it was nearly swamp. If I could not read the maps, I would sleep in a car in the middle of Poland in the middle of nowhere.

New technologies allow us to shop, do business, entertain our children, teach languages, and provide a whole range of entertainment.

Startup investors focus mostly on developing businesses with an idea in these areas. It is as if the future world will only exist on-line.

When the battery runs out and we are in the middle of the forest, will it be the end of the world for us?

It is good to make yourself a detox from a smartphone, shopping, internet, venture into nature and focus on your senses.

Don’t start your day by looking in the phone. Open the windows to let fresh air in, stretch your arms and spine, let the day be yours and not others.

When you do nothing – with so-called boredom, you release spontaneity and real creativity.
Intuition is sharpening, man is relaxing.

Have you ever seen birds with a aching spine? They fly slightly like a gust of wind, live in symbiosis with nature. Sport is one of the factors approaching this state. In the open air – definitely. Finally, vitality and energy will appear in your body.


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