There’ll be nothing left for us if we don’t get back to mother nature as close as we can. I’m talking here about nature and human biology.

We exploit the resources of the earth, we exploit the vital forces of our own body.

We cut down trees so as to make more chairs instead of using what’s already made. We produce plastic bottles as if you couldn’t use replaceable glass ones. Car traffic is overused any time as if there weren’t alternative means of transport such as a bicycle.

We exploit our bodies by eating so much chemicals that would be enough to do the laundry. We spend more time at the table than we move. We fill our psyche with the mass media nonsense and then stuff ourselves with sweets to improve our mood. We no longer talk to each other and we don’t build healthy relationships, we just write messages that distort the emotional message. Cigarettes, alcohol, meat, fizzy drinks, sugar. What we need is moderation. Then you have to run to specialists instead of enjoying nature, which is still beautiful.

Exploiting is like driving a Porsche. Fast and classy. However, what is classy is the subtlety, and living in harmony with the environment. And speed is with the Wind – when the sail is being tossed about, and you grab it and harness it in a line. The beach effect, until the sun claps in delight. The rain is hiding out of shame, and the Earth is afraid of being ploughed.

Live in harmony with your environment.