In 1993 I got my first Gel Pens from my parents. What colours they were!  Even just holding them in my hand was like a poetry. The first plan to take action with a mate – how about starting with graffiti? – this is how it started, my friend gave up after three days. The letters I painted were so abstract that only I was able to decipher them. Finally, the classes in primary school ceased to be boring. I cultivate this passion of mine to this day.

Style. How can you build your style? Your own originality? Where to get ideas from? How do I know that what I’m going to come up with is cool and doesn’t fake others? All these questions were so important to me that I had to draw a lot of notebooks before I felt relaxed about how I did it. And I was just starting to have fun with the creation itself.

I started to proudly show my scribbles at home, in the classroom, in the backyard. When set out on a journey, the notebook went with me. I showed them to my uncles, aunts, grandmothers, and got feedback that they all liked them. I didn’t have enough. I left the page when I finished convinced that it was right. I don’t add or correct anything. Rubber and corrections. No chance!

The time has come for larger formats. Both legal and illegal. If you do things legally, you have to make sure that each line is the most consistent with the project. When you do these things illegally, you need to be quick and get ready to run. Adrenaline. But we’ll discuss it another time.

As the years passed, more and more people started to paint, the “Ślizg” magazine hit newsstands. Cognitive perception has changed. The level was getting higher. The writers outdid each other in trying to paint the longest graffiti scroll or get a better wall in the city. The tension was growing.

Over time my projects began to have some common features. These features were the style that was being developed, which characterised the expression that flows from me.
These features, made over the years, pervade my projects to this day, this time the design ones. When I look at the forms I draw, this is where I hide abstract letters.

If you don’t believe it, then look at my realizations.



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