What does playing in a sandbox as a child have to do with a construction site and professional engineers?

Discovering the secrets of the world is also discovering the secrets of your own abilities. This process begins with the very first crawling and there’s no end in sight, and you know that development is an indispensable activity of your life, without which you will die.

Different everyday situations trigger the need to make decisions or avoid them. Making a decision, whatever it may be, introduces us to the development process, because action means development. Escaping from responsibility is losing yourself. It doesn’t matter which path you take, each one will lead you home. If you stop, the night will find you.

Sandbox, home, construction site, city – These are only opportunities where we can create our own visions and materialize them. Each of us can be a creator. It doesn’t matter whether you build roads for your vehicles in a sandbox or whether you arrange your living room at home by carefully selecting curtains. Maybe you are an engineer who supervises the construction of a skyscraper with beautiful apartments for future residents or a designer who develops new communication solutions for your city – both sand and steel are materials from which new creations can be made, and you have the gift of creation – use it in the development process so that you can use your skills in good faith.


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