Luxurious brands, exotic tours, high life, social scene – a feeling of being better.

The standard of living measured in terms of materiality. We excuse ourselves by saying – we live in such times, now you can buy everything.

Can you?

Trust, experience, health? …hmm.

But let’s start with the fact that every day can be a series of experiences and situations from which we grow. But we can also lock ourselves in the car and miss the opportunities put right in front of us, for example, on our way home from work. We can put on headphones and miss a unique story from a stranger. We can sit in front of the monitor playing games instead of going out to meet friends or go out alone and give yourself over to the spontaneity of meeting new people.

There are different gadgets in interpersonal relations that have their own specific messages depending on what gadget this is. From jewellery to phones and cars.

Some use them for practical reasons – others for show. Some are designed to be well made – others to shine well.

If you are able to feel good and confident in the company of others without these trinkets – then I can assure you that you have a healthy attitude to materiality.

Is the lion confident and does he need a black jaguar for this?


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