For some people, it’s harvest time, especially when it comes to essential products. For others, it’s time of vegetation, waiting for what tomorrow will bring. But they both buy just on other budgets and for different needs.

Those who are driven by fear will be withdrawn from activity. This is a difficult time for them. Paralysis in various spheres of life. Uncertainty, despair, lack of prospects. Some will be passive. They’ll just wait it out. Others will take the opportunity and look for new activities to pursue. They like challenges.

This is the time to look around and verify the current attitude. And to adopt one that is the most suitable for us. For each individual, buying products or using services is like “I have to” or “I want”.

When we have to, it means that a situation independent of us has led us to this. It was beyond our control, beyond our decisions or choices. However, when we want to, it means that we know where we are going, we know our goals and make decisions according to our intuition.

We are aware of our choices regarding products and services.

Like a wolf in the field.


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