In my opinion, design is the most aggressive expression of the message of values and reaching out to the general public. With its physicality, sex appeal and accessibility to the masses.

Why? I will try to answer that below.

Design usually takes on spatial objects in the last stage. For example, shoes, cars, yachts. These are often objects that dominate others with their uniqueness. Their function, dynamic form, contrasting colours, sophisticated materials – make them aggressively attractive and appealing in their environment. They become aggressively territorial. The area they are in belongs to them.

A good product goes viral in society. People start to share videos and photos of the product on social networks. Its story begins to build up – from mouth to mouth. From comment to comment. From look to look. From opinion to opinion. From article to article, about what it is and what it is all about.

The whole quintessence of a good design is its quick and cheap duplication, with due care for its quality of workmanship, accuracy of details. Finished line. This is demonstrated by the physicality of the high-quality product.

And if the product has that special something, it starts to be sexy. And you can’t walk pass it indifferently. Because that was its intention.


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