I don’t feel like doing anything, I’m in a bad mood, the day is somehow useless – and many other depressing thoughts and words that hold us back from any activity.

There are different factors affecting our deactivation. It might be something that one would think of as trivial, like spilling coffee on your dress in the morning. This is the starting point for looking for other misfortunes during the day.

We often look at a glass of water and see it half empty and sometimes half full. We choose the interpretation of events ourselves.

We like logical arguments that our job is valuable, that what happens to us is valuable, that people who surround us love us sincerely.

We love bonuses to our lives that put us in a good mood. A book, a movie, music, sport, cash.

I hold to the principle that if you started something, finish it.

Not finishing the work will weaken you more than not starting it at all and wondering what if you did, because you’re letting go of the motivation to take up the subject again. And when you’re done, you have fire in your hands to take up another one.

I respect the profession of a industrial designer mainly because it shows a lot of positive aspects of everyday life. Working with design is tangible and visible, which automatically gives you the insight into the milestones of the final result. This is the fodder for the tricking logic when you reach for a glass of water during the break.


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