I like to have a goal. I like when something happens. I like to know that something awaits me. I like this state of full commitment.

I like it all because the goal brings about a spell that prompts both chaos and order. The order of the tasks to be performed and the chaos of events that can break me down.

It’s a battle of a crystal sunny day with an upcoming storm full of dark clouds and lightning.

You know it’s beautiful and you’re doing your job, but you’re not putting up the mast yet because if it falls, you’re dead.

Set goals, but don’t forget about spontaneity. Both are needed in life to have fire and water.

The goal is like fire, it gives a kick better than amphetamine. Your brain goes crazy, it kicks into top gear, speeds like a jet.

But spontaneity is like water. It flows freely through rocks, meadows, fields. It cools down, quenches thirst, regenerates after an intense day.

Look for a goal and find spontaneity. Look for fire around you and find water.

Even in nature, water and fire can exist on one planet.


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