When monotony strikes, we become pessimistic. Being locked in the house, we close our mind to the perspective of open space.

Each of you must have heard that after a dozen or so years of imprisonment, it is difficult for a man to get used to living in the wild, and he may also be blocked from space.

Our home can become such a prison for our mind when we spend too much time in it.

Imagine that an untrained mind becomes a gut like any other muscle. There are challenges
off-road, obstacles to overcome, stressful situations to face, our body calls us out every day –
take me for a walk, I will repay you in health.

Spacious interiors, beautiful fabrics, stone materials, lush flowers, warmth, kitchen smells…
That’s what designers do. How simple it is. But forget about it. It’s just a cave to spend the
night. The day is up, you have to pick something, you have to hunt. You have to look at the
sky for the sun to shine in the eye, you have to face other people – we live together on this
planet. Strangely, we’re just like a link.

May your work, shopping or hunger not be the only reason to leave the house. Go out to find
your nature. At home, you’ll sleep through it in front of a TV, computer, console, while eating
meat flooded with ketchup, drinking liquor of higher octanes than a rocket needs.


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