Design for Sports

is a project whose goal is the meaning of the astrological symbol of MARS. It tells us about the strength that should help man to realize and develop his own nature…


Design for disabilities

The issue of disability is a difficult one, rarely talked about. One would rather avoid it. It goes beyond the realm of daily conversation and communication. Awareness of the problems in society that affect disabled people is insufficient. The exception is when you have problems yourself or when your loved one is going through a tough time. It is then that we became concerned about where to look for help, how to deal with the adversities, and where to get information. Specialists in fields related to the issue of disability: therapists, rehabilitators, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, neurologists, sociologists, neurosurgeons, manufacturers of

Conscious risk

Risk is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon, it can become a significant threat to the man’s cognitive and motivational functioning, as well as a challenge that can lead to self-fulfilment!


Change of perspective

Spacious interiors, beautiful fabrics, stone materials, lush flowers, warmth, kitchen smells…
That’s what designers do. How simple it is. But forget about it. It’s just a cave to spend the



It’s a battle of a crystal sunny day with an upcoming storm full of dark clouds and lightning.


Sex appeal

In my opinion, design is the most aggressive expression of the message of values and reaching out to the general public. With its physicality, sex appeal and accessibility to the masses.